When do you notice that your style is in fashion!
Last week I went to @bergdorfs #homedecor floor and I just saw that the aesthetics of the room was just exactly like my @chrisbarretoartstudio here on the upper east side!
Isn’t an amazing coincidence?
Now you can come to shop at my colorful #chrisbarretoartist studio and find amazing products as #handpaintedpillows #oneofakindrugs #uniquewallpapers #limitededitionsignedposter #uniqueprintedpillows and much more with an amazing price !#shopwithstyle💃👓💅 #shopchrisbarretodesign #chrisbarretoartist #chrisbarretoartstudio #artfashionhomedecor #nycartist #nyclifestylebrand #chrisbarreto #chrisbarretoartstudio#brightandpositiveart Bergdorf Goodman DDB | Decoration and Design Building Lynette Lewis Alcinda SaphiraSula Costa Celina Leite Ribeiro Kaufman Ingrid Frankl Elzira Barreto Svetlana Bertolo Felippe Evgenia Huldisch Rogerio Teixeira CASACOR Maria Emilia Genovesi Marielle Vasconcellos Fashion Styling: Mastered Micki McGuire Denny SilvaMonica German Prestia LiBra Jiminez Lulu Lopez Donna Drake Ashley North Dee Rivera Thomas Grassberger Gilberto Jr. Bruna Franklin Zooga Malaga Evgenia Huldisch



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