Madonna wear Chris Barreto

Madonna wear Chris Barreto clothes

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 Madonna wear Chris Barreto

By bellapetite on July 10, 2012


I believe that with God in your heart and life, everything is possible. I believe that faith is based in believing without seeing it, you must totally believe, or it doesn’t work at all. Have faith in what you believe and it will come true!

In Brazil, I created my first design: a hand painted red top and legging that was made out of a sheer stocking. After that I went out to perform in the streets of Rio de Janeiro and this was documented in my first video ‘UM MINUTO E MEIA.’

Months later iconic singer Madonna came to Brazil, I decided to create a red top inspired by my original innovative design just for her. When I completed the top I held it up and my initial thought was, “I think Madonna will love my design, I will go to hotel and give this top to her as gift.” Free to subscribe to Bella Petite!

What a fantastic adventure I embarked on, taking a leap of faith! I went to the hotel where Madonna was staying and to my surprise the security let me in to leave my fabulous design with the concierge. The next day, I received a call from Madonna’s assistant that she chose to wear my design for that evening’s concert appearance. I thought about all of the talented Brazilians sending her gifts, and to have my design selected by her was an exciting time in my life! then I just found that “: Madonna wore  Chris Barreto clothes!

From that point I became an internationally recognized designer. This life changing moment happened in November of 1993, and within a few years I moved to New York City. Much to my surprise, I personally met Madonna at my yoga class in Soho. She was amazing and genuinely nice! That was also when I realized that she was petite just like me at 5’3″! I know that celebrities look larger than life, but so many female celebrities are beautiful petite women.

Often we believe that these gorgeous beings are so much taller than they actually are and unfortunately their heights are exaggerated by many inches and that is not necessary. We should embrace our petite height! Free to subscribe to Bella Petite!

I wish for all beautiful women to dream and believe in yourself. You must visualize and manifest your dreams to reality, never giving up and you will see your dreams come true! Take a leap of faith. Don’t let anything stand in your way. You can be larger than life, like petite powerhouses 5’3″ Madonna and Bella Petite Magazine editor-in-chief Ann Lauren who dare to dream pushing the standards. Together we will inspire you. I am looking forward to helping petite women love themselves through my fashion with Bella Petite! Written by: Chris Barreto

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